Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Guns

Erik Estrada is the Jack of Diamonds and he is taking on the dangerous and perennially named Donna.. Donna Hamilton. This weeks journey into the wonderland that can only be described as the Bizarro-Lewis Carroll-Verse... errr The Extended Hawaii-verse..... as Chris and Jon sit down for Guns

Chris Rankings:

Savage Beach > (+1) Hard Ticket to Hawaii > (-1) Picasso Trigger > Guns > Malibu Express

Jon Rankings:

Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Guns> Picasso Trigger > Malibu Express

Date Posted: 03/01/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 032B
Film Title: Side Slop: Guns
Film Year: 1990
Jon Review: We have reached "Middling Bond" territory where the formula is showing too much and so the movie is largely unmemorable
Chris Review: If there were an Andy Sidaris film made for the mass market this would be the one.
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Andy Sidaris


Andy Sidaris


Erik Estrada > Juan Degas / Jack of Diamonds
Dona Speir > Donna Hamilton
Roberta Vasquez > Nicole Justin
Bruce Penhall > Bruce Christian
Cynthia Brimhall > Edy Stark
William Bumiller > Lucas
Devin DeVasquez > Cash
Michael J. Shane > Shane Abilene
Phyllis Davis > Kathryn Hamilton
Chuck McCann > Abe
Chu Chu Malave > Cubby
Richard Cansino > Tito
George Cheung > Sifu
Danny Trejo > Tong
Lisa London > Rocky
Kym Malin > Kyller Kym
Liv Lindeland > Ace
Rodrigo Obregón > Large Marge
John Brown > Brown
Donna Spangler > Hug Huggins
Allegra Curtis > Robyn
Rustam Branaman > Rustam
Jeff Silverman > Ramon
Christian Drew Sidaris > The California Kid
James Lew > Ninja #1
Eric Chen > Ninja #2
Cynthia Bardi > Joan
Leslie Caron > Waitress
Kelly Menighan > Tong's Blonde
Paul Matthews > Robyn's Husband
Todd Dos Reis > Chollie
Diane K. Shah > Bartender
Ans Scott > Van Driver
Thad Camara > Valet
David Hadder > Referee
David Grossman > Kathryn's Bodyguard