Sloppy Reel
Hard Rain

After laughing ourselves silly watching the comedic genius that was the oddly shaped nugget on Robot Quaid in The Adventures of Pluto Nash Jason and Jon decide to investigate what other head shapes Randy Quaid is capable of using. Naturally a flooded mid-west town is a great place to utility heads. Diving Bell heads, drill heads, nose cone heads... so Jon and Jason jump into the regularly scheduled Hard Rain and the ensuing flood in the basin city of Huntingburg, Indiana.

Date Posted: 11/06/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 020
Film Title: Hard Rain
Film Year: 1998
Entrance Actor: Randy Quaid
Exit Actor: Betty White
Jon Review: "Hard Rain" is a B Sci-Fi Movie executed at a C Level. Down
Jason Review: Down. "Hard Rain" would be better if it de-emphasized the flooding and focused on the caper. This movie just isn't very good.
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Mikael Salomon (1)


Graham Yost (1)


Christian Slater (1) > Tom
Morgan Freeman (1) > Jim
Randy Quaid (2) > Sheriff Mike Collins
Minnie Driver (1) > Karen
Richard Dysart (2) > Henry Sears
Betty White (2) > Doreen Sears
Edward Asner (1) > Uncle Charlie
Michael A. Goorjian (1) > Kenny
Dann Florek (1) > Mr. Mehlor
Ricky Harris (1) > Ray
Mark Rolston (1) > Wayne Bryce
Peter Murnik (1) > Phil
Wayne Duvall (1) > Hank
Ray Baker (1) > Mayor
Lisa Fuhrman (1) > Mayor's Wife
Jay Patterson (1) > Mr. Wellman
Michael Monks (1) > Father on Local News
Mackenzie Bryce (1) > Baby on Local News