Sloppy Reel
Lake Placid

After meeting a displaced Betty White in Hard Rain we wanted to summer with her at her lake house. We arrive and meet her for lemonade and cookies before Sheriff Hank comes and ruins our lovely picnic. O.F.F. is totally a jerk about Betty's unlicensed pets and it just turns into a whole thing. Let's join Betty as she fights the man in order to keep her happy family together.

Date Posted: 11/13/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 021
Film Title: Lake Placid
Film Year: 1999
Entrance Actor: Betty White
Jon Review: Up. The "West Wing" of giant crocodile movies.
Jason Review: Up. I think I like it more then I like it?
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Steve Miner (1)


Bill Pullman (1) > Jack Wells
Bridget Fonda (1) > Kelly Scott
Oliver Platt (2) > Hector Cyr
Brendan Gleeson (1) > Sheriff Hank Keough
Meredith Salenger (1) > Deputy Sharon Gare
Richard Leacock (1) > Deputy Stevens
Jed Rees (1) > Deputy Burke
Jake T. Roberts (1) > Officer Coulson
Betty White (2) > Mrs. Delores Bickerman
David Lewis (1) > Walt Lawson
Tim Dixon (1) > Stephen Daniels
Natassia Malthe (1) > Janine
Mariska Hargitay (1) > Myra Okubo
Warren Takeuchi (1) > Paramedic
Ty Olsson (1) > State Trooper