Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Malibu Express

We're back in for a very special Inaugural 2nd episode of the Extended Hawaii-Verse. After having stepped in it with our episode Savage Beach we're now all in and ready to find out how you could possibly make a 12 movie series out of the following ingredients. 1) Girls 2) Guns and 3) G-Strings. Perhaps one day we will try out a version with 1) Bullets 2) Blondes and 3)Bombshells.... onward we go to bake ourselves a sleaze-soufflé!

Chris Rankings: (+1) Savage Beach > Malibu Express

Jon Rankings: (+1) Savage Beach > Malibu Express

Date Posted: 11/23/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 022B
Film Title: Side Slop: Malibu Express
Film Year: 1985
Jon Review: Down, too creepy and mean to be fun for large stretches.
Chris Review: Down. I am judging this movie.
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Andy Sidaris


Andy Sidaris


Darby Hinton > Cody Abilene
Sybil Danning > Contessa Luciana
Art Metrano > Matthew
Shelley Taylor Morgan > Anita Chamberlain
Brett Baxter Clark > Shane
Niki Dantine > Lady Lillian Chamberlain
Lori Sutton > Beverly
Lorraine Michaels > Liza Chamberlain
Lynda Wiesmeier > June Khnockers
Kimberly McArthur > Faye
Barbara Edwards > May
Abb Dickson > P. L. Buffington
Busty O'Shea > Doreen Buffington
Randy Rudy > Bobo Buffington
Michael A. Andrews > Stuart Chamberlain
Richard Brose > Mark
John Brown > Luke
Suzanne M. Regard > Sexy Sally
John Alderman > Lieutenant Arledge
Robyn Hilton > Maid Marian
Les Steinmetz > Johnathan Harper
Robert Darnell > Douglas Wilton
Jeanine Vargas > Rodney, the Photographer
Peter Knecht > Peter
Harry Hauss > Helicopter Pilot
Ruth Stamer > Answering Service Girl
Peggy Ann Filsinger > Peggy from Health Club
Regis Philbin > Regis Philbin
Joy Philbin > Joy Philbin
Niki Patterson > Computer Operator