Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: It (2017)

Jason and Guest Mack of Super Movie Ball fame dive into the 2017 Remake of Stephen King's classic It. A film renowned mostly for having a title that is too short and for ruining clowns for a generation.

Date Posted: 11/30/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 023B
Film Title: Side Slop: It (2017)
Film Year: 2017
Jason Review: Down, it missed enough moments that could have been great that it was a disappointment.
Mack Review: Up, Did it entertain me for two hours? Yeah. So by summer blockbuster standards it's an up.
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Andy Muschietti


Jaeden Lieberher > Bill Denbrough
Jeremy Ray Taylor > Ben Hanscom
Sophia Lillis > Beverly Marsh
Finn Wolfhard > Richie Tozier
Chosen Jacobs > Mike Hanlon
Jack Dylan Grazer > Eddie Kaspbrak
Wyatt Oleff > Stanley Uris
Bill Skarsgård > Pennywise
Nicholas Hamilton > Henry Bowers
Jake Sim > Belch Huggins
Logan Thompson > Victor Criss
Owen Teague > Patrick Hockstetter
Jackson Robert Scott > Georgie Denbrough
Stephen Bogaert > Mr. Marsh
Stuart Hughes > Officer Bowers
Geoffrey Pounsett > Zach Denbrough
Pip Dwyer > Sharon Denbrough
Molly Atkinson > Sonia Kasprak
Steven Williams > Leroy Hanlon
Elizabeth Saunders > Mrs. Starret
Megan Charpentier > Gretta
Joe Bostick > Mr. Keene
Ari Cohen > Rabbi Uris
Anthony Ulc > Joe the Butcher
Javier Botet > Hobo
Katie Lunman > Betty Ripsom
Carter Musselman > Headless Boy
Tatum Lee > Judith
Edie Inksetter > Hostess
Martha Gibson > Old Woman
Kasie Rayner > Field Hockey Girl #1
Isabelle Nélisse > Girl in Bathroom
Jocelyn Mattka > Another Girl
Donald Tripe > Old Man in Car
Liz Gordon > Old Woman in Car
Paige Rosamond > Dead Girl #1
Neil Crone > Chief Borton
Sonia Gascón > Mrs. Ripsom
Janet Porter > Stanley's Mother
Memo Díaz-Capt > 4th of July Clown
Chantal Vachon > Girl in Magazine
Roberto Campanella > Organ Player Clown