Sloppy Reel
Men at Work

In todays episode we followed Keith David out of the wintery hell of Antarctica in The Thing(1982) into the comparatively pleasant life of a garbage man in Men at work.

Carl Taylor and James St. James have pellet based hijinks and eco-mayhem ensues in this weeks literal garbage movie Men at Work in which there is shockingly little work being done.

Date Posted: 07/03/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 004
Film Title: Men at Work
Film Year: 1990
Entrance Actor: Keith David
Exit Actor: Emilio Estevez
Jon Review: Yes-ish
Jason Review: Childhood Favorite
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Charlie Sheen > Carl Taylor
Emilio Estevez > James St. James
Leslie Hope > Susan Wilkins
Keith David > Louis Fedders
Dean Cameron > Pizza Man
John Getz > Maxwell Potterdam III
Hawk Wolinski > Biff
John Lavachielli > Mario
Geoffrey Blake > Frost
Cameron Dye > Luzinski
Darrell Larson > Jack Berger
Sy Richardson > Walt Richardson
John Putch > Mike
Tommy Hinkley > Jeff
Kari Whitman > Judy