Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Picasso Trigger

Jon and Chris are back to examine the watch-checking-fury that is Picasso Trigger... a late night sleaze fest that teases its viewers with educational nature trivia. Join us as we investigate the intrepid "Picasso Trigger" fish.

Chris Rankings: Savage Beach > Picasso Trigger > (-1) Hard Ticket to Hawaii > (-1) Malibu Express

Jon Rankings: Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Picasso Trigger > (-1) Malibu Express

Date Posted: 02/15/2019

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 029B
Film Title: Side Slop: Picasso Trigger
Film Year: 1988
Jon Review: "Picasso Trigger" is like looking at The Silence... you just don't remember what you saw.
Chris Review: This is what happens when your 3rd grade teacher reads Sherlock Holmes and gets an idea for a lesson plan.... and was also a nude model.
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Andy Sidaris


Andy Sidaris


Steve Bond > Travis Abilene
Dona Speir > Donna
Hope Marie Carlton > Taryn
Harold Diamond > Jade
John Aprea > Salazar / Picasso Trigger
Roberta Vasquez > Pantera
Guich Koock > L.G. Abilene
Rodrigo Obregón > Miguel Ortiz
Bruce Penhall > Hondo
Cynthia Brimhall > Edy
Richard LePore > Professor
Nicholas Georgiade > Schiavo
Kym Malin > Kym
Patty Duffek > Patticakes
Liv Lindeland > Inga
Dennis Alexio > Toshi Lum
Rustam Branaman > Glen
Keith Cooke > Clayton
Wolf Larson > Jimmy-John
John Brown > Juan
Roy Summersett > Charles Patterson
John Dunn > Larry
Abb Dickson > Agent #1
Erick Schrum > Agent #2
Cynthia Barnes > Somewhere In There
Luis Castille > Somewhere In There
Sofia Elias > Somewhere In There
Barbara Allen > Somewhere In There
Charlie Allen > Somewhere In There
Eileen Matsuura > Somewhere In There
Nancy Williams > Somewhere In There
Nobu Shimizu > Somewhere In There
Robert R. Davis > Somewhere In There
J.C. Roberts Jr. > Somewhere In There
Matthew A. Jones > Somewhere In There
Laurie Penhall > Somewhere In There
Jill McDonald > Somewhere In There
Ashley Sugar > Somewhere In There