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The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Last time on Wonder Woman Rosario Dawson was a literal superhuman... today we follow Regular Rosario to the very special location of THE MOOOOOOON. She lands with a hope, a dream and a just enough moxie to be a singing superstar. Now that we have taken the time to establish that lets find out what it has to do with real estate!

Date Posted: 10/30/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 019
Film Title: The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Film Year: 2002
Entrance Actor: Rosario Dawson
Exit Actor: Randy Quaid
Jon Review: Pluto Nash is bad. But it is the kind of bad that makes you glad you're not watching "Only God Forgives" which is truly a painful experience.
Jason Review: This movies reputation is so awful that I was pleasantly surprised that my brain survived the experience merely bruised. I Up Pluto because it did not cause permanent harm to my psyche.
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Eddie Murphy (1) > Pluto Nash
Randy Quaid (2) > Bruno
Rosario Dawson (2) > Dina Lake
Jay Mohr (1) > Tony Francis
Pam Grier (1) > Flura Nash
Luis Guzmán (1) > Felix Laranga
James Rebhorn (1) > Belcher
John Cleese (1) > James (This Movies Johnny Cab)
Peter Boyle (1) > Rowland
Burt Young (1) > Gino
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. (5) > Miguel
Joe Pantoliano (1) > Mogan
Victor Varnado (1) > Kelp
Jacynthe René (1) > Babette
Illeana Douglas (1) > Dr. Mona Zimmer
Alissa Kramer (1) > Gina Francis
Heidi Kramer (1) > Filomina Francis
Lillo Brancato (1) > Larry
Alex Sol (1) > Tommy
Doug Spinozza (1) > Doug
Andrée Fafard (1) > Holographic Spokesmodel
Angela Perzow (1) > Robot Maid
Ezra Franklyn (1) > Robot Thug
Mark Camacho (1) > Robot Holding Cell Clerk
Lana Underwood (1) > Sexy Robot