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CINEMA SLOP: SEASON 2 Coming in July!

Oh no! The larder is bereft of pork rinds and Sir Bacon bits... what is a growing podcast to do? You can tweet us your favorite video game movie @CINEMASLOP and we might talk about that shit.

Our podcast is simple. Using a process called Backward Baconing, we started with His Eminence Mr. Kevin Bacon and the 1990 classic monster movie Tremors. After we have completely digested that film we chose our favorite character/actor and select a movie from their catalog. We will continue onward in this fashion until we devour all the finest cinematic cuts… or we need a breather.

There is no guarantee our choices will be wise, informed or even logical but it should be a good laugh. We bid you join us on our meandering journey into the unknown corners of the cinematic pig pen from whence Bacon came.

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Hey everybody, Jon guest starred on Peter's Movy Nites. It's just furthering my theory he's attempting to replace me.