Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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Tue Dec 31 Cinema Slop Conference

Date Posted: 11/12/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 057
Film Title: Pokémon Detective Pikachu
Film Year: 2019
Jason Review: I give this Schroeders Down. If you put Pikachu in a box with a vial of poison it occupies a superposition of both up and down until you open it and see the act of observation forces the position to collapse. I have observed the contents of the box and Pikachu is dead this time.
Jon Review: If the title were accurate it would be "Pikachu in a Detective Hat: The Movie". If this were Shane Black's Detective Pikachu I'm on board but this poorly characterized improv comedy version of a detective movie that can't hold a consistent style is not what I want.
Mack Review: Detective Pikachu and Tim wander through the film and never actually figure anything out for themselves. The acting isn't to my liking and tonally its inconsistent.
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Rob Letterman (2)


Dan Hernandez (2) > Screenplay / Story
Benji Samit (2) > Screenplay / Story
Derek Connolly (2) > Screenplay
Rob Letterman (2) > Screenplay
Nicole Perlman (2) > Story


Ryan Reynolds (3) > Detective Pikachu
Justice Smith (2) > Tim Goodman
Kathryn Newton (2) > Lucy Stevens
Bill Nighy (2) > Howard Clifford
Ken Watanabe (2) > Lieutenant Hide Yoshida
Chris Geere (2) > Roger Clifford
Suki Waterhouse (2) > Ms. Norman
Josette Simon (2) > Grams
Alejandro De Mesa (2) > Bartender
Rita Ora (2) > Dr. Ann Laurent
Karan Soni (2) > Jack
Max Fincham (2) > Young Tim Goodman
Simone Ashley (2) > Girlfriend
Edward Davis (2) > Boyfriend
Diplo (2) > DJ
Omar Chaparro (2) > Sebastian
Ben Fox (2) > Lead Cop
Kadiff Kirwan (2) > Mayor
Ryoma Takeuchi (2) > Male Pokémon Trainer
Rina Hoshino (2) > Mewtwo (voice)
Kotaro Watanabe (2) > Mewtwo (voice)
Ikue Ôtani (2) > Pikachu (voice)