Wing Commander

Star Log Entry #0205-1999. This week Wing Commander Deveraux is being a total jerk bag again. She told me to wash my underwear out and said I can't play bumper fighter anymore. She's such a drag.

I'm going to run away.

  • Todd "Maniac" Marshall XOXOXOXOXO
Tue Dec 17 Super Movie Ball Conference

Date Posted: 08/27/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 046
Film Title: Wing Commander
Film Year: 1999
Jason Review: It lived up to everything I expected which was nothing. I am happy with that.
Jon Review: Down but it is so bad that with enough drunk people it could get so down that it circles back around and becomes an up.
Mack Review: Unbridled 'Meh'
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Chris Roberts (2)


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Freddie Prinze Jr. (2) > Lt. Christopher Blair
Saffron Burrows (2) > Lt. Cdr. 'Angel' Deveraux
Matthew Lillard (2) > Lt. Todd 'Maniac' Marshall
Tchéky Karyo (2) > Commodore James 'Paladin' Taggart
Jürgen Prochnow (3) > Cdr. Paul Gerald
David Suchet (2) > Capt. Jason Sansky
David Warner (2) > Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn
Ginny Holder (2) > Lt. Rosie Forbes
Hugh Quarshie (2) > Lt. Obutu
Ken Bones (2) > Admiral Bill Wilson
John McGlynn (2) > Richard Bellegarde
Richard Dillane (2) > Lt. Hunter
Mark Powley (2) > Lt. Polanski
David Fahm (2) > Lt. Knight
Simon MacCorkindale (2) > Flight Boss