Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Critters IV

It's Critters IV and so we're in space! Put your stomach staples back in and suit up its time for some non-offensive boobery and ball based puppets.

Date Posted: 01/01/2021

Show Notes

Season: 3
Episode: 066B
Film Title: Side Slop: Critters IV
Film Year: 1992
Jason Review: There are so many missed opportunities and a disused super crite its too much to overlook.
Jon Review: I was engaged enough to expect a payoff but it didn't really ever materialize.
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Rupert Harvey (2)


Rupert Harvey (2) > Story
Barry Opper (2) > Story
Joseph Lyle (1) > Screenplay
David J. Schow (2) > Screenplay


Don Keith Opper (4) > Charlie McFadden
Terrence Mann (4) > Counselor Tetra / Ug
Paul Whitthorne (1) > Ethan
Anders Hove (1) > Rick
Angela Bassett (1) > Fran
Brad Dourif (1) > Al Bert
Eric DaRe (1) > Bernie
Martine Beswicke (1) > Angela (voice)
Anne Ramsay (1) > Dr. McCormick