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Claudia Christian handled herself commendably against the reanimated corpse of a rouge policeman last week so naturally we asked ourselves, "Self... how do you think Ms. Christian would fare against the most fabled beast of yore? (Dramatic Pause) The Lycanthrope! (Music cue)". Well if you, like some of us at Cinema Slop, have spent the last decade writing Cmdr. Susan Ivanova vs Hideous monster fan-fiction then you're in luck because we finally know the answer! This week... its The ultimate military officer vs. The Matron of Satan... Mom!

Date Posted: 08/14/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 010
Film Title: Mom
Film Year: 1991
Entrance Actor: Claudia Christian
Exit Actor: Stella Stevens
Jon Review: Beer Googles Make it work
Jason Review: I feel right at home in the warm embrace of my werewolf mother.
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Patrick Rand (1)


Mark Thomas Miller (1) > Clay Dwyer
Jeanne Bates (1) > Emily Dwyer
Brion James (1) > Nestor Duvalier
Mary Beth McDonough (1) > Alice
Art Evans (1) > Lt. Hendrix
Stella Stevens (2) > Beverly Hills
Claudia Christian (2) > Virginia Monroe
Maray Ayres (1) > Carla
Christopher Doyle (1) > Baxter
Tim Trella (1) > Daniels
Ed Johnson (1) > Virginia's Father
Wendy Gordon (1) > Anchorwoman
Charles Martinet (1) > Mr. Hernandez
Gary Marks (1) > Meterman
Harry Landers (1) > Bartender
J. Patrick McNamara (1) > John
Brian J. Williams (1) > Burglar Bar Worker
James Heggie (1) > Chuck the Cameraman
Flossie Vinacour (1) > Mrs. Orndorff
Jamie Saxon (1) > Paper Boy