Side Slop: Enemy Gold

041B Side Slop: Enemy Gold

Date Posted: 07/12/2019

This week Jon and Chris call in an emotional support Zac and boy do they need it! Join us as we fail to understand who the titular enemy is in Enemy Gold. Jon Rankings:

Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Do or Die > Enemy Gold (-1) > Guns (-1) > Picasso Trigger (-1) > Hard Hunted (-1) > Fit to Kill (-1) > Malibu Express (-1)

Chris Rankings:

Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Hard Hunted (+1) > Enemy Gold (-1) > Do or Die (-2) > Picasso Trigger (-1) > Fit to Kill (-1) > Guns (-1) > Malibu Express (-1)

Zac Rankings:

Savage Beach > Enemy Gold > Malibu Express


010 Mom

Date Posted: 08/14/2018
Entrance Actor: Claudia Christian
Exit Actor: Stella Stevens

Claudia Christian handled herself commendably against the reanimated corpse of a rouge policeman last week so naturally we asked ourselves, "Self... how do you think Ms. Christian would fare against the most fabled beast of yore? (Dramatic Pause) The Lycanthrope! (Music cue)". Well if you, like some of us at Cinema Slop, have spent the last decade writing Cmdr. Susan Ivanova vs Hideous monster fan-fiction then you're in luck because we finally know the answer! This week... its The ultimate military officer vs. The Matron of Satan... Mom!

It’s Alive

008 It’s Alive

Date Posted: 07/31/2018
Entrance Actor: Patrick McAllister
Exit Actor: James Dixon

Last week we found out that a corpse can be the most important plot point in a movie other then Weekend at Bernies. Since the corpse was so dang important we wanted to see what other acting gigs required those sorts of acting chops. This week we meet a very much alive Patrick McAllister in the delivery room where the babies are alive... and thats somehow an issue?

The Prophecy

007 The Prophecy

Date Posted: 07/24/2018
Entrance Actor: Amanda Plummer
Exit Actor: Patrick McAllister

We like Amanda Plummer and she was a weirdo Nun Last time in Freejack. This Week she's gone to the other side and confirmed all her beliefs to be true.. or not... theologically I'm not sure what we find out this week. We meet the devil and stuff but who knows what the hell this all means.. maybe you can figure out what The Prophecy is talking about?

This Week Special Guest Contributor Zac