Sloppy Reel
The Prophecy

We like Amanda Plummer and she was a weirdo Nun Last time in Freejack. This Week she's gone to the other side and confirmed all her beliefs to be true.. or not... theologically I'm not sure what we find out this week. We meet the devil and stuff but who knows what the hell this all means.. maybe you can figure out what The Prophecy is talking about?

This Week Special Guest Contributor Zac

Date Posted: 07/24/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 007
Film Title: The Prophecy
Film Year: 1995
Entrance Actor: Amanda Plummer
Exit Actor: Patrick McAllister
Jon Review: Down
Jason Review: Way Down, Watch "Lord of Illusions"
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Christopher Walken > Gabriel
Elias Koteas > Thomas Dagget
Virginia Madsen > Katherine
Eric Stoltz > Simon
Viggo Mortensen > Lucifer
Moriah 'Shining Dove' Snyder > Mary
Amanda Plummer > Rachael
Adam Goldberg > Jerry
Steve Hytner > Joseph
J.C. Quinn > Burrows
Emma Shenah > Grandmother
Albert Nelson > Grey Horse
Shawn Nelson > Indian Healer
Emily Conforto > Sandra
Sioux-z Jessup > Nurse