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It’s Alive

Last week we found out that a corpse can be the most important plot point in a movie other then Weekend at Bernies. Since the corpse was so dang important we wanted to see what other acting gigs required those sorts of acting chops. This week we meet a very much alive Patrick McAllister in the delivery room where the babies are alive... and thats somehow an issue?

Date Posted: 07/31/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 008
Film Title: It’s Alive
Film Year: 1974
Entrance Actor: Patrick McAllister
Exit Actor: James Dixon
Jon Review: It's kind of like a Twilight Zone Episode
Jason Review: This movie exists
External Links:

Jon > The Unborn, Creepozoids
Jason > The Omen, The Exorcist

Photography by
Music by


Larry Cohen (2)


John P. Ryan (1) > Frank Davies (as John Ryan)
Sharon Farrell (1) > Lenore Davies
Andrew Duggan (1) > The Professor
Guy Stockwell (1) > Bob Clayton
James Dixon (2) > Lt. Perkins
Michael Ansara (1) > The Captain
Robert Emhardt (1) > The Executive
William Wellman Jr. (1) > Charley
Shamus Locke (1) > The Doctor
Nancy Burnett (1) > Nurse (as Mary Nancy Burnett)
Patrick McAllister (2) > Expectant Father (as Patrick Macallister)
Daniel Holzman (1) > Chris
Diana Hale (1) > Secretary
Gerald York (1) > Expectant Father
Jerry Taft (1) > Expectant Father