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Maniac Cop 2

Last Week we saw monster babies harass Officer Dixon but don't worry Officer Dixon is back on the case this week as he hunts out corruption within the NYPD.

Date Posted: 08/07/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 009
Film Title: Maniac Cop 2
Film Year: 1990
Entrance Actor: James Dixon
Exit Actor: Claudia Christian
Golden Eagle Winner: Robert Earl Jones
Jon Review: Zombie Cops Love this flick! Support law enforement! Up!
Jason Review: Upish
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William Lustig


Larry Cohen


Robert Davi > Det. Sean McKinney
Claudia Christian > Susan Riley
Michael Lerner > Edward Doyle
Bruce Campbell > Jack Forrest
Laurene Landon > Teresa Mallory
Robert Z'Dar > Matt Cordell
Clarence Williams III > Blum
Leo Rossi > Turkell
Lou Bonacki > Detective Lovejoy
Paula Trickey > Cheryl
Charles Napier > Lew Brady
Santos Morales > Store Clerk
Robert Earl Jones > Harry
Andrew Hill Newman > Citizen
Ángel Salazar > Traffic Officer