Super Mario Bros.

In the second season of Cinema Slop we're taking a long hard look at video game movies in an attempt to win a bar bet. So settle into your jump suits and power boots because shits about to get weird. To start things out we dig into Super Mario Bros. It's a movie for the ages. The ages 6 and 48 only from what we can tell.

Tue Dec 17 Super Movie Ball Conference
Tue Jan 07 Super Movie Ball Conference

Date Posted: 07/30/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 042
Film Title: Super Mario Bros.
Film Year: 1993
Jason Review: If you enjoy this movie you are drunk enough to enjoy this movie.
Jon Review: Please check out the RiffTrax. This is not to be taken seriously but it moves quickly so if you're drunk with friends maybe.
Mack Review: There's some fun moments here and there but its not worth sitting through. If someone has never seen this and wants to check it out because its a Mario Movie they're going to be so disappointed.
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