Double Dragon

This week watch with misty eyes as Scott Wolf Fist-Fives his way into the heart of Alyssa Milano... at until he loses control of his half of the magical medallion in Double Dragon.

Tue Dec 31 Cinema Slop Conference

Date Posted: 08/06/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 043
Film Title: Double Dragon
Film Year: 1994
Jason Review: This is basically an origins story with no sequel and no pay off. The Double Dragon aspect of this film is never realized and so its not an interesting martial arts film.
Jon Review: Feels like an aged up Three Ninjas but doesn't stand on its own.
Mack Review: Guys I'm not happy. Once again VGMs have let me down. It's just lazy.
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James Yukich (2)


Paul Dini (2) > Story
Neal Shusterman (2) > Story
Michael Davis (3) > Screenplay
Peter Gould (2) > Screenplay


Robert Patrick (2) > Koga Shuko
Mark Dacascos (3) > Jimmy Lee
Scott Wolf (2) > Billy Lee
Kristina Wagner (2) > Linda Lash
Julia Nickson (2) > Satori Imada
Alyssa Milano (2) > Marian Delario
Nils Allen Stewart (2) > Bo Abobo #1
Henry Kingi (2) > Bo Abobo #2
John Asher (2) > Smart Ass Mohawk
Leon Russom (2) > Chief Delario
Jeff Imada (2) > Huey
Al Leong (6) > Lewis
Cory Milano (2) > Marc Delario
Michael Berryman (3) > Maniac Leader
Vanna White (2) > Vanna White