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The Mighty Peking Man

Last week we watched in awe as Ni Tien conspired to build a log cabin out of corpses in what can only be described as a Corpse Mania. Naturally the corpse pile was just a framing device for the cousin of a guy. So naturally this week we follow that guy into the mountains where we heard there was a Kong.. no wait.. a Mighty Joe... no wait... a Mighty Peking Man... on the loose.. lets see what happens.

Date Posted: 09/04/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 013
Film Title: The Mighty Peking Man
Film Year: 1977
Entrance Actor: Wei Tu Lin
Exit Actor: Danny Lee
Jon Review: I love goofy monsters. Totally up.
Jason Review: A soft up for a solo view and hard up for a group.
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Meng Hua Ho


Evelyn Kraft > Samantha Ah Wei
Danny Lee > Johnnie Fang
Feng Ku > Lu Tien
Wei Tu Lin > David Chen Shi-yu
Norman Chu > Ah Lung
Hang-Sheng Wu > Ah Pi
Yao Hsiao > Huang Tsui-hua
Ping Chen > Lucy