Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Suspiria

Jon said to Jason one too many times "thats a Giallo thing" so now were gonna do a Giallo! In this weeks Side Slop we check out Suspiria a movie where a dance maverick uses her dance skills to buzz the witchy-tower of the stuffy dean. Thats close enough. Find out what Suspiria is all about at the same time as Jason. Check it out.

Date Posted: 08/31/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 012b
Film Title: Side Slop: Suspiria
Film Year: 1977
Jon Review: Up. Works excellently as an experience of a film. Logically it works somewhat well.
Jason Review: Up. Enjoyable movie that has a strange idea of how maggots work and should have had a Yoda.
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Dario Argento (1)


Jessica Harper (1) > Suzy Bannion
Stefania Casini (1) > Sara
Flavio Bucci (1) > Daniel
Miguel Bosé (1) > Mark
Barbara Magnolfi (1) > Olga
Susanna Javicoli (1) > Sonia
Eva Axén (1) > Pat Hingle
Rudolf Schündler (1) > Prof. Milius
Udo Kier (1) > Dr. Frank Mandel
Alida Valli (1) > Miss Tanner
Joan Bennett (1) > Madame Blanc
Jacopo Mariani (1) > Albert
Renato Scarpa (1) > Prof. Verdegast