Sloppy Reel
Corpse Mania

Last week we enjoyed what in hindsight was a completely uncontroversial and fun blaxploitation/James bond style globe hopping adventure starring Ni Tien as the cute as a button but deadly serious martial arts skilled sidekick of cleopatra Jones. Let’s hope this week things are just as cheerful and carefree as they were in Ms. Tien’s heroine kingpin busting days. We join the necrophilic adventures in progress in Corpse Mania

Date Posted: 08/28/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 012
Film Title: Corpse Mania
Film Year: 1981
Entrance Actor: Ni Tien
Exit Actor: Wei Tu Lin
Jon Review: up, it’s like Scooby Doo trying to get an Oscar.
Jason Review: up, Weird random kung fu/gore/detective movie.
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Chih-Hung Kuei (1)


Ni Tien (2) > Madame Lan
Erik Ka-Kei Chan (1) > Li Cheng-yuan
Wei Tu Lin (2) > Li Cheng-wen
Jenny Liang (1) > Li Hung-mei
Tat-Wah Cho (1) > Chief inspector Liu
Jung Wang (1) > Inspector Chang
Tsui Ling Yu (1) > Yan-erh
Biu Gam (1) > Mustache Nine
Siu-Kwan Lau (1) > Lin Pin

Sadly I have been unable to locate a trailer.