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Tony Todd does a great vanishing act in Shadowdbuilder but when he goes into the magic box with no mirrors where does he emerge? This week we find out that the answer is a tenement in Chicago.... lets check out Candyman!

Date Posted: 10/02/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 017
Film Title: Candyman
Film Year: 1992
Entrance Actor: Tony Todd
Exit Actor: Virginia Madsen
Golden Eagle Winner: DeJuan Guy
Jon Review: This premise of this movie makes no sense on paper but everything in this movie comes together and the end result is fucking amazing.
Jason Review: I fucking love this movie!
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Bernard Rose (1)


Virginia Madsen (3) > Helen Lyle
Tony Todd (2) > The Candyman / Daniel Robitaille
Xander Berkeley (1) > Trevor Lyle
Kasi Lemmons (1) > Bernadette Walsh
Vanessa Williams (1) > Anne-Marie McCoy
DeJuan Guy (1) > Jake
Marianna Elliott (1) > Clara
Ted Raimi (1) > Billy
Carolyn Lowery (1) > Stacey
Michael Culkin (1) > Professor Philip Purcell
Bernard Rose (1) > Archie Walsh
Terrence Riggins (1) > Gang Leader
Stanley DeSantis (1) > Dr. Burke
Diane Peterson (1) > Nurse