Sloppy Reel
Wonder Woman

Last week on the "Bacon Luge" we found that when you say Candyman 5 times into a mirror Tony Todd Pops up and murders people... This week we ask "what happens if you say 'Doctoral Candidate Helen Lyle' into the mirror 5 times?". Apparently Virginia Madsen crafts a baby from blood and sand and asexually births a female humanoid demigod hero.... not the female humanoid demigod hero we deserve but the female humanoid demigod hero we need. It's all DC so I assume that line works no matter how you apply it. This week Wonder Woman.....Animated.

Date Posted: 10/09/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 018
Film Title: Wonder Woman
Film Year: 2009
Entrance Actor: Virginia Madsen
Exit Actor: Rosario Dawson
Jon Review: Up. It brought me back to a similar time of cartoon Batman's and quality episodic programming
Jason Review: Down. I prefer other DC Animated projects and the story wasn't substantial enough to grab me.
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