Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Hard Hunted

Kane is back.. in time apparently. As a much younger, more handsome but significantly less interesting version of himself and he is here to finish what he started! And by finish I mean start a whole new plan with his whole new face! This time Jon and Chris dodge errant missiles ejected from the action epic Hard Hunted!

Chris Rankings:

Savage Beach > (+1) Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Do or Die > (-1) Picasso Trigger > (-1) Guns > (-1) Malibu Express

Jon Rankings:

Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > Do Or Die > (-1) Guns> (-1) Picasso Trigger > (-1) Malibu Express

Date Posted: 04/26/2019

Show Notes

Season: 2
Episode: 036B
Film Title: Side Slop: Hard Hunted
Film Year: 1993
Jon Review: It's a B- but I'm happy to have seen it but it drags towards the end and the music is dull which is weird. Less Upside of the scale.
Chris Review: Up because it felt like a recovery for the series. Pleasant. Fun. Didnt make me in the face with product placement and Dona experiences a real ordeal and character development.
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Andy Sidaris


Andy Sidaris


Dona Speir > Donna Hamilton
Roberta Vasquez > Nicole Justin
Bruce Penhall > Bruce Christian
Geoffrey Moore > Kane
Tony Peck > Lucas
Cynthia Brimhall > Edy Stark
Al Leong > Raven
Rodrigo Obregón > Pico
Michael J. Shane > Shane Abilene
Ava Cadell > Ava
Skip Ward > Skip
Chu Chu Malave > Wiley
Richard Cansino > Coyote
Carolyn Liu > Silk
Buzzy Kerbox > Cole
Mika Quintard > Mika
Brett Baxter Clark > Yacht Captain
Paul Cody > Kidnapper
Becky Mullen > Becky
Joe Gianpietro > Paratrooper
Aaron Victorbrook > Senator
David Friend > Navy Captain
Steven Matt > Army General
Karen Klosterman > Air Force General
Viviane Brahms > Senator's Assistant
Bern Mueller > Vulture Pilot
Richard Bentley > Six
Eric Brahms > Smuggler One
Robert Carillo > Smuggler Two
Sebastian Fent > Radio Station Worker
David Hadder > Yacht Crewman
Leland McKinney > Yacht Crewman
Christian Drew Sidaris > Deputy
Rodd Saunders > Deputy
Wess Shannon Rahn > Deputy
Brian Bennos > Deputy
Ken Feinberg > Pentagon Guard
Willa Dean Crow > Edy's Quartet
Echo Yamashita > Edy's Quartet
Blake Yamashita > Edy's Quartet
Tony Guzman > Edy's Quartet