Sloppy Reel

Episode One: The Source

Jon and Jason Have arrived on the internet 15 years fashionably late. We're here to give a little love and a little salt to the world of pork products.. specifically to the Bacon product category.

Our podcast is simple. Using a Process called Backward Baconing, we start with His Eminence himself Mr Kevin Bacon in the 1990 Classic Tremors. After we have enjoyed this film completely we will choose our favorite character/actor from the film and select a film from their catalog.

There is no guarantee our choices will be wise, informed or even logical but it should be a good laugh. Join us on our choose your own adventure style journey into the unknown corners of cinematic pig pen from whence Bacon came.

Todays Episode Tremors

We join a small town already in progress as it discovers, "We've got worms".

Date Posted: 06/12/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 001
Film Title: Tremors
Film Year: 1990
Entrance Actor: Kevin Bacon
Exit Actor: Victor Wong
Jon Review: Hell Yes
Jason Review: Watch it Now
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Ron Underwood (2)


Kevin Bacon (1) > Valentine McKee
Fred Ward (1) > Earl Basset
Finn Carter (1) > Rhonda LeBeck
Michael Gross (1) > Burt Gummer
Reba McEntire (1) > Heather Gummer
Bobby Jacoby (1) > Melvin Plug
Victor Wong (2) > Walter Chang
Charlotte Stewart (1) > Nancy
Tony Genaro (1) > Miguel
Ariana Richards (1) > Mindy
Richard Marcus (1) > Nestor
Sunshine Parker (1) > Edgar
Michael Dan Wagner (1) > Old Fred
Conrad Bachmann (1) > Jim the Doctor
Bibi Besch (1) > Megan the Doctor's Wife
John Goodwin (1) > Howard the road worker
John Pappas (1) > Carmine the road worker