Sloppy Reel
Big Trouble in Little China

In todays episode we have followed the delightful Victor Wong from his previous home in Perfection Vally to San Francisco where he and his misfit-band of friends will have a mystical adventure that begins as all great stories do.... in an attorney's office.

Date Posted: 06/19/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 002
Film Title: Big Trouble in Little China
Film Year: 1986
Entrance Actor: Victor Wong
Exit Actor: Kurt Russell
Jon Review: Hell Yes
Jason Review: Loved It
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John Carpenter (2)


Kurt Russell (2) > Jack Burton
Kim Cattrall (1) > Gracie Law
Dennis Dun (1) > Wang Chi
James Hong (1) > David Lo Pan
Victor Wong (2) > Egg Shen
Kate Burton (1) > Margo
Donald Li (1) > Eddie Lee
Carter Wong (1) > Thunder
Peter Kwong (2) > Rain
James Pax (1) > Lightning
Suzee Pai (1) > Miao Yin
Chao Li Chi (1) > Uncle Chu
Al Leong (6) > Wing Kong Hatchet Man
James Lew (4) > Chang Sing #1