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Last time Michael Rooker was a cop in The Replacement Killers. Today he is a hired gun... for the Lord! That's right! We ARE watching the seminal breakthrough Bram Stoker classic Shadowbuilder. Old Rook has to stop an evil cabal of Catholic Satanists from plucking three hairs from the head of a stigmata-baby and chanting real loud at a couple of sticks summoning a sentient humanoid shadow-demon impersonating the space cowboy Spike from the spaceship Bebop to open the door to hell... ya follow?

Date Posted: 09/25/2018

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 016
Film Title: Shadowbuilder
Film Year: 1998
Entrance Actor: Michael Rooker
Exit Actor: Tony Todd
Jon Review: Pretty good for a fake episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, Up
Jason Review: Upish... Maybe... pass?
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Jamie Dixon (1)


Michael Rooker (2) > Father Vassey
Shawn Thompson (1) > Sheriff Sam Logan
Leslie Hope (2) > Jenny Hatcher
Kevin Zegers (1) > Chris Hatcher
Tony Todd (2) > Evert Covey
Andrew Jackson (1) > Shadowbuilder
Steve Blum (2) > Shadowbuilder (voice)
Hardee T. Lineham (1) > Nestor Tibbot (as Hardee Lineham)
Catherine Bruhier (1) > Maggie MacKinnon
Gordon Michael Woolvett (1) > Larry Eggers
James B. Douglas (1) > Doc Cole
Richard McMillan (1) > Father Finler
Charlotte Sullivan (1) > Jazz
Andrew Sardella (1) > Paul
David Calderisi (1) > Bishop Gallo
Lawrence Bayne (1) > Quinlan
Eric Murphy (1) > Vic Lambert
Paul Soles (1) > Mr. Butterman
Billie Mae Richards (1) > Mrs. Butterman