Sloppy Reel
Side Slop: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Jon and Chris are back to attack the animals-gone-mad action epic super spy spectacular that took 1987 by storm... that's right! A Hard Ticket to Hawaii has been bought and we're about to take that ride! Let's see how they've charted this short jaunt by light aircraft!

Chris Rankings: Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > (-1) Malibu Express

Jon Rankings: Savage Beach > Hard Ticket to Hawaii > (-1) Malibu Express

Date Posted: 01/04/2019

Show Notes

Season: 1
Episode: 027B
Film Title: Side Slop: Hard Ticket to Hawaii
Film Year: 1987
Jon Review: Up, If Sharknado had good taste.
Chris Review: Up, It's Tiger Woods making a 10 - 15 foot par putt. It's not a birdie it's a par. and he's in like 3rd place on a Friday or a Saturday so it's not groundbreaking but it's like 'I made a par here!'"
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Andy Sidaris


Andy Sidaris


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Dona Speir > Donna
Hope Marie Carlton > Taryn
Harold Diamond > Jade
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Cynthia Brimhall > Edy
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Wolf Larson > J.J. Jackson
Lory Green > Rosie
Rustam Branaman > Kimo
David DeShay > Ashley
Michael A. Andrews > Michael & Michele
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